The right FIT (for us) is more important than having a large volume of clients, phone consulting or campaigning for the an industry’s “Most Popular” recognition.

We have spent 20+ years powering some of the most known fitness brands in the business. The only “fame” we seek will only come from your success!

Our 4 C’s Process

We believe in the use of analytics not ‘feelings’ to determine the path to success; wholly focused on the health & profitability (not just revenue) of the business.
Committed to the pursuit of solving for “the why” and finding “the how” in any situation.


Commitment to understanding the true needs of a business or individual


Dedicated to carving out the correct course to achieve business objectives


Use of KPI’s to drive and manage the business always seeking improvement


Continually identifying opportunities to improve the business

The Most Successful Partnerships Will Have

  • Business minded leadership who happen to be in the fitness industry (not the other way around)
  • Desire to grow the business (franchise or corporate)
  • Capital to invest in advertising that follows logic and analytics
  • Ideal size is multiple fitness locations (corporate or franchise) with a desire to grow
  • Must be open to learning and also share valuable historic information
  • Looking to run their business by the numbers and will believe facts over feelings

Has a leader on staff to run the marketing – Consultants cannot fully replace employees. If you just want to have someone “handle” the marketing for you, you need to hire someone that fits into your budget and we will mentor/train them.


Often times, ownership groups with multiple locations lack the financial justification to afford a CMO or VP of Marketing to oversee their business, often times hiring a mid-level marketer with limited industry experience or a lot of industry knowledge but little marketing experience. You are competing with every other fitness product in your market. The ‘big brands’ have top marketing talent with the latest and greatest digital tools, systems and analytics to drive their business. The owner-operated single fitness offerings are driving their business using guerrilla marketing and community relations to grow their business. You have to compete on every level to gain market share.


By bringing on a short-term consultant with over 20+ years of cross-market fitness experience with midsized chains, national franchises, owner operators and big box corporate, you get a top notch CMO/VP of Marketing working with your leadership team to help push your brand to a new level of competitiveness…without having to commit to a significant salary line (too early in your growth cycle). Upon an initial needs assessment, the game-plan will be laid out and your leadership team can execute upon the deliverables better equipped and confident of their success.


Most consultants stop at ‘The Fix’ because ultimately they know they only gave the company a ‘shot in the arm’ which wears off over time due to ever-changing external and internal factors. A rigid plan that works today, will not be as effective as a fluid plan that adjusts with demands and opportunities of tomorrow. Often times the company holds off re-engaging the consultant until they need a complete re-fix, and the process starts again. A “Fix” is not a long term “Solution”. A consultant focused on training and educating your leadership/marketing team – elevating them to ‘expert’ level – with the GOAL to grow the company and the employees along with it, that is a real solution.


The Fitness Industry is highly competitive. The ‘secret sauce’ loses it’s appeal if everyone has the recipe. When you know you have the right recipe (that works) you want to share it – but over sharing could be distasteful. When your company hires us, we commit not to work with any gyms in your trade-area/market(s) at the same time. We operate with the highest integrity and honesty with our clients.