Step 1: Connect

There is no such thing as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ plan. Your business is unique, your market is different, your needs vary – we get that! In order to identify opportunities to work together, we need to connect and discuss your business.​


This is a questionnaire or a call/meeting designed to uncover your perceived needs and priorities for considering hiring a consultant for your business.​


We are committed to helping you only if we feel there is an opportunity to effect significant improvement to your business. We will review your geographic footprint and confirm we are not violating our personal non-compete commitment to only work with ONE business in a geography.


If we feel there is a good “FIT” between your needs assessment and our services, we will send an outline of next steps, suggested services and a packaged price to begin the “Discovery and Opportunities Phases” (Step 2 & 3). Upon approval to proceed, we will mutually sign NDA’s and you will be asked to supply the necessary data and contacts to key points of contact in your organization.​

Step 2: Course


This process is a deep dive into your business. Your historic numbers, vendors, budgets, CRM, etc. which will give us the information necessary to design a COURSE to follow.​


We schedule a webinar (or in person) meeting to unpack all of our findings and perceived opportunities to positively impact the business. You will receive detailed reports and an annual advertising plan custom built for your specific locations and capitalizing on your biggest opportunities to increase your market share and revenue.​

Step 3: Care

​Being given a roadmap to follow is valuable, but when the landscape is ever changing, it is best to have ongoing support. In this step you set the level of immersion and we will propose a solution for on-going re-occurring services.​


Step 4: Consult

​There are always special projects, opportunities, threats, and challenges that you need a little help navigating through. From a Grand Opening to a competitor moving on your block, there is a proven and tested plan to follow to make sure you are always following the best-practices for any given situation.


  • Membership Structure
  • Sales Presentation Tools
  • CRM / Follow-Up Scripts
  • Profit Centers Review + Marketing
  • Presale Set-Up + Grand Openings
  • Site Selection/ Market Shop
  • Secret Shopping + Online Reviews
  • Digital Marketing Ecosystem (SEO +SEM)
  • Branding + Guidelines
  • Creative Design +Website + Review
  • Franchise Sales + Systems
  • Competition SWOT
  • Marketing Talent Acquisition
  • Rewards + Gift Card Programs